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  How often do you assemble your product and something does not go just right? Now you have to get out the drill and find the appropriate drill bit and drill that rivet out. Hopefully you do not break the drill bit or damage your part.

Maybe you want to put something together and you donít want to do a setup on your rivet machine. Maybe you donít even own a rivet machine. Our very inexpensive hand gun might just fill that void.

Our hand air rivet gun comes ready to put to work. We have two excellent machines to choose from:

The first tool is a .080 to .250 for riveting (standard or starburst). The second tool is a pointed tool for de-riveting.

Each tool also includes an air gun and the whole assembly is contained in a very handy carrying case.

  The second picture shows the safety chuck mandrel retainer for the tools included. Our guns are manufactured right here in the good old USA by Florida Pneumatic, so you know you are always to get spare parts in the unlikely event something fails.
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