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NORTHEAST FASTENER SOLUTIONS is pleased to announce it's partnership with NEW ENGLAND DESIGN ASSOCIATES, a national leader in automation engineering, the design and construction of special automation devices and custom riveting machines and tooling. This joint venture has been formed to service the needs of clients who may need to consider the following:
  • The need to reduce the cost of their rivet purchases.
  • The purchase of new riveting machinery, tooled or untooled. We are positioned to offer domestic and off shore riveting machines as well as standard and custom rivets.
  • The reworking of, refurbishment/rebuilding of existing equipment vs. the purchase of new.
  • The design and building of new tooling for an existing machine.
  • The design and construction of specialized or custom rivet tooling.
  • The automation and integration of a new or existing riveting machine into a manufacturing work cell or a line of semi-automatic fixtures.
  • Consultation and review of product design criteria and specifications.
  • The need for a non-standard rivet machine and other assembly operations, robotic interface, automatic conveyance or palletizing, quality testing and reporting, packaging or other productivity enhancing features.

Northeast Fastener Solutions and New England Design Associates have been quite successful in finding creative and completive solutions to automation and riveting challenges for over 25 years.
We are geographically located in central Connecticut and have the engineering expertise to evaluate your requests and to process them in a timely manner.

For a review of your application, to request a quote, or to find out more on just how we can assist you in finding a solution to your riveting or manufacturing application please contact us at (860) 589-3460 or email us at: sales@northeastfastener.com

John Cianci
Northeast Fastener Solutions
148 Ben St.
Bristol, CT 06010


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