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NFS got off to a great start this summer, and to our customers new and old I just want to say thank you. But just saying thank you didnít seem to be enough so we started to try to think up a way to really say thank you, and thatís when it came to us, everyone else has sales, Sears has sales, Firestone has sales, so how could NFS have a sale? After all, we know that as a buyer it is your job to get the very best product at the very best price, that is your job.

Well after beating up on our suppliers (steel, grinders, spring makers, not the help) we found out that if NFS paid these suppliers in 10 days they would be willing to give us a 5% break in the price (one month only). So as our way of saying thank you we would like to pass the 5% we can save by pre-paying and paying in 10 days on to you.

This is how it will work, starting November 1 st and lasting until November 30 any order received whether it is a one-time order or a yearly blanket (must have firm release dates) qualifies for this 5% price reduction.

All we ask is for you to inform your accounts payable person that they must pay our bill in 10 dayís to get this discount, thatís it, no tricks,just a way to save your company some money, and for us to say, THANK YOU.

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